Sunday, 1 February 2009

Its Been a Productive Week

Its been so hot here...we have been hibernating in our lovely airconditioned house. So last week while the kids played, I managed to get a little birthday present finished for my niece Ruby who turns 5 on Friday. As we speak this parcel of goodies is winging its way to the UK. (I know her mum checks this blog but I am sort of hoping that she doesn't have time this week). Jane, we need some photos of her in her new outfits.

Umbrella Girl - Lounge Set. I stencilled the little girl onto the plain tee. I am not overly happy as some areas smudged. But it looks cute. I used a vintage cotton for the pants and cuffed them with some new fabric that was in the stash. I love how these two fabrics came together. I am thinking that I need some of these for me :)

Siiri Pinafore Dress - my first pattern from my new otto subscription. I love it. It came together quickly. I made the 110 size but didn't add the seam allowance. Its a perfect fit on my girls and I know Rubes is a similar size. It will look great over jeans and with a long sleeved tee or tights and a skirt. I will definetley be making the girls one of these for winter. The only area I am not happy with is the loop. Thankfully the big button hides it!. Its also the last of the cupcake material.



sophie said...

I love that stenciling, I cannot wait to try this, it looks great. Ruby is one lucky girl to get so many beautiful gifts.

Karen said...

Your stencilis so sweet - and I love that top - it's one of the (many) patterns I want to try from that issue, there are so many!