Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy NYE..bye bye 2008

I am back and need to backtrack a bit as I completely ran out of time to post my handmade Christmas gifts. I haven't been well and decided to take a little break and just enjoy some time with the family.

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope your day was special. Ours was - family, too much food and lots of excitement!. It was the first year that the girls actually understood what Christmas was about and it was such a joy to watch the excitement on their faces when opening their pressies.

Amy Butler Birdie Sling. This is my first ever bag and I was extremely happy with the finished result. It was so easy! I will be making this up for me next, with a few slight changes!

Lining of my Amy Butler Sling - I just used a plain drill

Cupcake and Icy pole dresses for the girls. You can't half tell that I love this pattern?

Short longs for the little one - orange stripes and vintage smurfs

I saw these tote-able towels over at And so, I sew and I knew they would be prefect for my girls and also my cousins. I made a few changes as I found it really hard to sandwich the towel between two pieces of material. (I think I was running out of patience and energy - thank god for Mum's help). So I just sewed a rectangle of material onto the top side of the towel, with a hem turned under on all 4 sides. Before sewing all they way round I pinned in the shoulder strap and a small strap. Too easy! Thanks for the inspiration Karen.

Vintage boxers for my cousin

A reindeer Christmas shirt for the little one

Phew.....all done. And on that note Happy New Year. My new years resolution is to be a more consistent blogger. I am enjoying blogging and the inspiration from other amazing crafters is fantastic. So THANK YOU

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas Crafting...slowly

Well Christmas crafting is happening here..just very slowly. Life is busy and coupled with sleepless nights it just doesn't help the creativity and motivation!!! But we will get there.

I finished my Christmas wreath last night by following this
tutorial by Katy. Its fantastic. So quick and easy. I can't believe I put it off for so long.

And some Christmas pj's for the kids. For the girls I used vintage sheets that I bought from the op shop during the year. They look great and feel so comfy. And the little man's pair is made from some car fabric that I picked up at Spotlight during my last visit.