Monday, 30 March 2009

Kids Mail Swap

The girls are participating in this fantastic Kid's Mail Swap that Christie has organised. There has been lots of drawing happening in this house the last few days. So much that we are off to the shop for more supplies today. Its very exciting and I know they will be over the moon when their first letter arrives.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Handmade Fairies

The girls had a Fairy Birthday party to go to yesterday morning. On Saturday night I pulled out their dress-ups only to find that there fairy wings were in a sorry state (you know the ones - stocking stretched over wire. They never seem to stay looking nice in this house for long!) So I raided the stash and thanks to mum I had a little bit of donated fairy fabric, left over from a doona cover she made my little sister about 15 years ago.

So 20 minutes later.... Two bits of interfaced fabric x 2, sewn right sides together, turned out and topstitched ..Wahla...the girls have new fairy wings. I just wrapped a piece of bias binding around the middle and hand stitched it to a plain T-shirt. PERFECT..Although a little handmade looking compared to all the other fairies at the party.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Whole Lot of Pink

...this outfit is gorgeous (if I do say myself) and if I could get away with dressing the little man in pink then I certainly wouldn't be giving it to a special little girl, for her 2nd Birthday tomorrow. There is a lot of pink but she is a pink girl and looks lovely in all shades...

I finally mastered the pockets in the pants that I had a real disaster with on the din-o-door outfit. The tunic top is from the latest otto mag - Kukkopilli raglan sleeve tunic top or bird whistle top. I omitted the applique as I didn't really like it.

I have used this fabric before and I have lots left over. Iam trying to use what's in my stash, although I am tempted to visit Spotlight this weekend. I got a voucher in the mail today for spend $100, get $40 off. WooHoo and I think the kids need some cord for winter.
Now off to start some winter sewing for the kids and some birthday sewing for my twin sister..(I am running out of time )

Thursday, 12 March 2009

No Sewing..but some new Inspiration

Still no sewing..apart from some library bags for the girls(But I suppose that counts). The sleep deprivation and the sickness continues in this house. Blah..Blah ..Blah. Although last night everyone sletp in their own bed. Its amazing what a decent nights sleep does for the soul and the sewjo. Today I traced a couple of things off from Ottobre for a little ones 2nd Birthday next week. So fingers crossed that the sleep continues and I may get some sewing done this weekend. Yay.

I decided to visit Spotlight last week for some inspiration (excuse the crappy photos). I really want to try sewing knit fabrics. I scored the mother load in knit fabrics. I think it was last years knits but they were all reduced to $7 per metre. I just love a good bargain! So I am hoping that some new fabric in the stash will get me motivated to do some winter sewing for the kids.

Some lovely knits for winter sewing - lots of chocolate brown. I hope this will look okay on little girls?

And some bright summer cottons that I think I will use to make the Siiri Pinafore from the latest Otto