Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Dino-O-Door Set

A special little man turned two and had his party on the weekend. I whipped up this little Dinosaur set as he loves them...calls them din-o-doors! They are the "Taku" linen pants from the latest Ottobre (minus the square pockets). They are quiet a slim fit. I hope they fit over his little nappy bum. I will definitely add an extra cm to the seam allowance when I make them up again. I decided to get tricky and draw up my own pockets ( I even made my own bias binding). What a nightmare. The front pockets looked great laid out on the cord but of course I forgot to add extra to the top to take into account the top casing. Ahhh...this is why you shouldn't sew while sleep deprived. So they turned into patches instead. Anyway it looks cute, topped off with a bonds skivvy. Perfect for winter.

I saw this post by Bek and thought that this is me. Life seems to be a constant cycle of washing, cooking, cleaning up, getting kids out the door, grocery shopping, working.... There is no time. We are also seriously sleep deprived. The girls are both waking, every night and Archie seems to have joined in. (I can't remember the last time we had a full nights sleep)...Ahh sometimes I just wish we had family we could palm them off to for half a day, so that we could have some time together. I keep telling myself it will get easier and its just the sleep deprivation talking. It looks like my shifts will be cut as they have employed 3 new staff so at least I should get some more family time on weekends and maybe even a sleep in. I can live in hope.

Monday, 9 February 2009

So Sad...

The devastation from the VIC fires is heartbreaking. So many people have lost everything and so many lives taken.
We lived through the Canberra fires in 2003. The row of houses in front of us were burnt to the ground. We were lucky. Its brought back some very unpleasant memories. I don't think I have ever been so scared in all my life. Things happened so quickly. Watching a fire on a distant hill, racing back to the house, packing what we could and driving through the dark streets to escape. I will never forget the noise or the wind or the fear in the pit of my stomach.
It is heartbreaking to watch and to hear their stories. So I am being grateful for everything I have - my gorgeous family, my little house, our possessions.
We have donated to the Red Cross and I will also be joining this amazing girl and lots of other wonderful crafty bloggers and sewing some handmade goodies for the kids that have lost everything.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Pacman Lounge Set

I was just checking through some photos and realised I had forgotten to share these. I made my SIL in the UK some lounge pants for her birthday in early January. I used a retro sheet that I picked up at the Salvos (it reminded me of pacman). They actually look nothing like pacman but for some reason they conjure up pacman memories. And I finished them off with new yellow gingham on the cuff and by embellishing a singlet with covered buttons and yo-yos. I followed this tutorial. The yo-yos were so easy. I can't believe I waited so long to attempt them!! They are super comfy (if there is such a word).

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Its Been a Productive Week

Its been so hot here...we have been hibernating in our lovely airconditioned house. So last week while the kids played, I managed to get a little birthday present finished for my niece Ruby who turns 5 on Friday. As we speak this parcel of goodies is winging its way to the UK. (I know her mum checks this blog but I am sort of hoping that she doesn't have time this week). Jane, we need some photos of her in her new outfits.

Umbrella Girl - Lounge Set. I stencilled the little girl onto the plain tee. I am not overly happy as some areas smudged. But it looks cute. I used a vintage cotton for the pants and cuffed them with some new fabric that was in the stash. I love how these two fabrics came together. I am thinking that I need some of these for me :)

Siiri Pinafore Dress - my first pattern from my new otto subscription. I love it. It came together quickly. I made the 110 size but didn't add the seam allowance. Its a perfect fit on my girls and I know Rubes is a similar size. It will look great over jeans and with a long sleeved tee or tights and a skirt. I will definetley be making the girls one of these for winter. The only area I am not happy with is the loop. Thankfully the big button hides it!. Its also the last of the cupcake material.