Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Gathered Shorts

A cute pic of them together....
Cheeky girls wiggling their bums when I asked them to turn around

Front view with Miss A looking like she has Harry High Pants!! I don't normally tuck their t-shirts in but this was hiding a big stain leftover from lunch.

Not much sewing happening at the moment. I am feeling exhausted and just hanging out for a trip to the coast tomorrow to have some time with family and 2 very good friends and their families. But I did get inspired by a little pair of shorts I saw over at Ten In the Bed . They are by Monstar and I thought they would be just perfect for summer. Here is my version. A little fuller but the girls love them, which is always a bonus.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Fisherman's Shorts

Archie has a cute pair of knit pj pants that I love. Unfortunately they were getting too small. I decided to draw up a pattern for some summer shorts. They turned out bigger than I expected (the girls also fit into them!). Which probably means he will get 2 years wear out of them. They are made from a pair of fisherman's pants that my sister bought back from Thailand last year (yay love recycling). The pants were great for straight after my pregnancy but now I am getting some shape back they are not overly flattering. I used a front seam from the pants as a front seam for the shorts and I have to say..I love them!! Perfect for chasing bubbles in the back yard....

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Pink Cupcakes

Amongst the tonsillitis, snotty noses and ear infections..I did get some birthday sewing done for our special friend. I was inspired by a little dress that the girls were given by my aunty when they were 12 months old. It was cute but just didn't get much wear as they were crawling when it fitted. The girls and I ventured out to spotlight prior to the party and I asked them to pick some material. They cupcakes. Not normally my choice but I think it turned out cute. I haven't heard yet if it fits or if the little girl likes it...which is rather disappointing! The girls also chose some materail for themselves that they want a dress made out I must get organised. The last week has flown by and with all the lurgies in the house nothing much happened. I have big plans to make them some clothes for playschool now that its warming up, hopefully this week.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

More Op Shopping

We are back from visiting the family in Regional NSW. It was a big trip and it took me a week to recover. I am currently having a little sewing (blog) break. The kids are on holidays so we are just enjoying some time together and getting out and about in this lovely, hot spring weather. I did manage to visit a couple of op shops up north and picked up two more vintage sheets (at $1.50 each) that I will use to make the girls some summer pj's or lounge pants and a gorgeous basket that will be used to hold my ribbons and buttons. Love it! I will get back into sewing this weekend as we have a party to attend on Tuesday and I plan to make the party girl a little dress. The girls helped me pick some cupcake material yesterday for her dress and lets just say its very pink!

Here is the quilt that my Mum made Nan for her 80th. Its not a great photo but she printed out photos of the family. Nan was thrilled and plans to hang it on the wall above her bed for the summer months. Its a really thick flannel. I wish I had the patience to learn how to quilt!