Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Dino-O-Door Set

A special little man turned two and had his party on the weekend. I whipped up this little Dinosaur set as he loves them...calls them din-o-doors! They are the "Taku" linen pants from the latest Ottobre (minus the square pockets). They are quiet a slim fit. I hope they fit over his little nappy bum. I will definitely add an extra cm to the seam allowance when I make them up again. I decided to get tricky and draw up my own pockets ( I even made my own bias binding). What a nightmare. The front pockets looked great laid out on the cord but of course I forgot to add extra to the top to take into account the top casing. Ahhh...this is why you shouldn't sew while sleep deprived. So they turned into patches instead. Anyway it looks cute, topped off with a bonds skivvy. Perfect for winter.

I saw this post by Bek and thought that this is me. Life seems to be a constant cycle of washing, cooking, cleaning up, getting kids out the door, grocery shopping, working.... There is no time. We are also seriously sleep deprived. The girls are both waking, every night and Archie seems to have joined in. (I can't remember the last time we had a full nights sleep)...Ahh sometimes I just wish we had family we could palm them off to for half a day, so that we could have some time together. I keep telling myself it will get easier and its just the sleep deprivation talking. It looks like my shifts will be cut as they have employed 3 new staff so at least I should get some more family time on weekends and maybe even a sleep in. I can live in hope.


Bek said...

I hope you can get a break soon- oh and a sleep in... that sounds very important! This mummy gig can be a tough one.

sophie said...

Sorry about the sleep deprivation! I totally can empathise with the no time situation, it's EXACTLY how I am feeling too, very frustrating. I am just telling myself that nothing lasts forever adn things will get better - hang in there!

Karen said...

Cute outfit Kelly I'm sure it will be much appreciated by the dino lover!
Sorry to hear you are not getting mcuh sleep - I know why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture, it really does send you mad.
I hope things improve soon.
Take care.

megan said...

Hi Kelly,I have loved reading your blog and think the clothes you have made for your children are beautiful (your children look beautiful too!) I have a couple of questions - I love the look of the Ottobre magazine, are the patterns very difficult? I am a beginner sewer, I've made a couple of skirts and easy dresses for my daughter so am not sure if the mag might be a bit beyond me. Also, I live in Canberra too and I'd love to know where the Salvos store is that you go to. Is it near Fyshwyk Markets??
Thanks for the lovely creative inspiration. As a mother of 4 children from 15yr down to 2yrs I sympathise with your lack of sleep. I do hope it gets better soon, it can be so hard esp when family is not around. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started about sleep!!! My husband says he just can't function without 7 hours of sleep (or more!) - LIKE I CAN!!!!! Sleep deprivation is just awful. At sleep school with my middle child they said it's the american's preferred form of torture - and that's just how it feels. Then there's the cruel irony that when you do finally get some consecutive hours, you feel worse!! I'm also feeling very overwhelmed by domestic duties that have killed my creativity :(

Far more interesting is your sewing! Love the dino outfit, and thanks for the tip re: Ottobre seam allowance on these pants.


Kelly said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. Its nice to know that I am not the only sleep deprved person out there.
Megan, sorry for my tardy resonse. We have all been hit with a nasty virus. The last few weeks have been horrendous. The Slavos stores I tend to visit are the one at Weston (which I think is over priced), Fyshwick and the new one at Woden. Ottobre is great if you are comfortable with following instructions that have minimal pictures and descriptions. I have found that each pattern is getting easier. I learnt to sew at 14 and didn't pick it up again until my girls were little. Easy patterns (from the Op shop) are a great way to start. Otto is a great mag and they have some really lovely designs, with wonderful detailing. Hope that helps. Let me know how you go :)

megan said...

Thanks a lot, Kelly, for the info. Will let you know how i go. Hope you and the family are all feeling much better soon.

Bek said...

Hi Kelly, Hope you are all feeling better! Thanks for your kind comment on my last blog post. It is good to get affirmation on a decision like this one. Thanks again, Bek