Thursday, 22 January 2009

For the Cutest 3 Year Old I Know

The girls had a party to go to on the weekend. I whipped up this outfit for the little 3 year old. Her mum says she loves it..hasn't taken it off!! It's such a lovely, easy pattern but I think I have done it to death...time to move on!

Here are the girls in their little dresses I made them for Christmas...enjoying the teacup ride at the play centre

In other exciting news. My first Ottobre subscription arrived yesterday (thanks Mum). Wow its is so good. There are some great patterns for little boys. I just need the little man's legs to grow a bit longer and lots of wonderful knit patterns (time to conquer my fear). I can't wait to get started.


Andrea said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. It makes me so excited to get comments from people other than those in our sewing group. Thanks again. I love your blog and your sewing too and have added it to my bloglines!

Sarah-Jo said...

the party dresses are so cute!

love the pic of your girls they are beautiful

isnt otto the best!!!

Karen said...

Very sweet dresses, so cool and summery.

I have ordered that edition of Otto because I had to have the pattern for that spotted orange top with the chicken on it!
I can't wait til it arrives, enjoy yours!

Bek said...

This dress is lovely. What is the pattern? I made something similar from a tutorial on the net somewhere, but I'm looking for something a bit more reliable.

ps I got a subscription to Otto too!

Kelly said...

Thanks for your comments. Bek the pattern is one that I drafted off a dress that my aunt sent the girls in a size 2. I have just been lengthing / shortening depending on the age of the kids. I have seen another pattern on etsy. I will try and find the link for you.