Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Spot of Sewing and a Visit to Spotlight

(All packaged up in the gift bags made by Mum. Thanks Mum)

One of our little friends turned 1 yesterday so I whipped him up a little pair of pants and embellished a little t-shirt for him. I am sure he will look super cute in it. His mum loved it, so that's always a good start! I used some cord from my stash and the cuffs and pockets are made from the surfy material I picked up at the YMCA garage sale last week.

I also ventured out to Spotlight in the afternoon. The service in my local Spotlight is terrible. The queues are long and most of the staff are cranky but I did get some nice stuff. Just after Christmas I inherited some gorgeous cottons from Granner's (My Grandma) stash that will make cute winter pants. So I found some great Japanese Linen that will make cuffs and pockets. And some nice cottons that will line some Vintage Pinafores I plan on making for the markets. Alecia and I are off to Here at the end of March, so its time to get sewing!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Garage Sale

Vintage linen & recycled surfy material

Garage Sale Goodies

We went Here last weekend. We got some great goodies - books, material, vintage patterns, dress up beads for the girls and clothes. Unfortunately I didn't get much time to sort through their vintage linen and material (Its hard to do with a wriggling baby on one hip). But the next one is on the 15th March so we will be heading back and early this time!

I also found a great book that took me back to my childhood. It was one that my Nan and Pop used to read to me "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly." And the girls love it!