Thursday, 12 March 2009

No Sewing..but some new Inspiration

Still no sewing..apart from some library bags for the girls(But I suppose that counts). The sleep deprivation and the sickness continues in this house. Blah..Blah ..Blah. Although last night everyone sletp in their own bed. Its amazing what a decent nights sleep does for the soul and the sewjo. Today I traced a couple of things off from Ottobre for a little ones 2nd Birthday next week. So fingers crossed that the sleep continues and I may get some sewing done this weekend. Yay.

I decided to visit Spotlight last week for some inspiration (excuse the crappy photos). I really want to try sewing knit fabrics. I scored the mother load in knit fabrics. I think it was last years knits but they were all reduced to $7 per metre. I just love a good bargain! So I am hoping that some new fabric in the stash will get me motivated to do some winter sewing for the kids.

Some lovely knits for winter sewing - lots of chocolate brown. I hope this will look okay on little girls?

And some bright summer cottons that I think I will use to make the Siiri Pinafore from the latest Otto


sophie said...

I really want to use knit too, but I am a little afraid, maybe I will wait to see how your venture goes! What do you use to trace patterns? I have an ottobre here that I want to use but don't know how!

Karen said...

You always find better fabric than me at SL!!
I have the stars knit in pink though - a few cute tops in the latest Otto for knits too.

Kelly said...

Sophie, I just use cheap interfacing. I picked up a 10m roll from Spotlight for about $8. Its great as I only have to pin and measure the grain line. The rest clings to the material so no pins required. Saves a bit of time :)

Tamara said...

The Ottobre magazines have some lovely patterns.

Great idea about the interfacing and not using pins, I am all for short cuts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!