Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Mail Swap

Well its all happening in the Two Peas household. The girls have been busy completing their mail swap.

They (and me too) have had so much fun. Its been a race to get to the mail box each morning to see if there are any letters addressed to them. We have received a few and its been excitement plus - we love the drawings, stickers & buttons and its be lovely getting a photo of the child that has sent the letter (wish I had thought of that one!). Of course they want more..and are nagging me about when the postman is coming back. Thank you Christie. Its been a wonderful project.

So look out for some letters from us. We only decorated the back of each envelope but if the girls had had their way then the posty would have been delivering some brightly coloured envelopes!!!


Karen said...

Belated Happy birthday to you and well done on the bag - not sure why you got the bubbling - only made my first bag last week for a birthday gift for a friend too!
Love the mail swap letters - I can't wait til my girls are big enough to join in.

Jade said...

Oh that looks like fun. Don't we all love getting mail???

kellyi said...


We have ours, it arrived today and is much appreciated.

Hope ours got there OK,

Mitchell's Mum x