Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I venterued into the unkown...

...And came out with a knit top, that I am pretty chuffed with. Its the Muksis top from Otto 1/2009.

It was challenging to say the least. Why you ask?

  • The knit was super fine and kept rolling at the edges.

  • I put a small hole in the sleeve with the overlocker, hence the strategically placed stars.

  • I couldn't quiet get the tension right on the wrong side.

  • I used a straight stitch as advised by the otto instructions but have a feeling that perhaps I should have used a small zig zag??

  • The sleeves are meant to have a large cuff but I couldn't attach it by stretching the sleeve and cuff around the machine table. Does that make sense? So I bound them and added some elastic. I think next time I will just taper the sleeve and bind or hem the edges.

But overall I am happy with it. It fits and I love the fabric. I will keep persevering until I conquer knits, as there are some great patterns around.

So if anyone has anymore tips on sewing with knits, then please send them my way.

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Bek said...

Great job. I'm so impressed. I haven't sewn anything with knits yet, but I am very keen to. Hopefully some time this year! The Ottos are so inspiring with all their knit patterns...