Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Birthday Time...

Well it was my birthday on Monday..Happy Birthday to me. Which also meant it was my twin sisters birthday. I decided to go all handmade for her pressie and I am now well on my way to meeting my handmade target for all birthdays so far this year. She requested two things - lounge pants and also an Amy Butler Sling. I will start with the good things first...The lounge pants. They were made from a thrifted actil sheet. Not sure if it was vintage but it is lovely... dandelions (or poppers as the girls call them) and I cuffed them with something that was in my stash. They are super comfy and the pattern was made by cutting up a pair of old flanny Susan pj's.

(Do you like my new labels?)

The Amy Butler Sling, almost needs its own post. I am not happy with the finished result (maybe its just me being fussy). I picked some nice AB fabric from here. (Great service by the way). I originally decided to use the AB for the bands and bag handle. But when it arrived it was very blue..so blue it almost glows in the dark. Thankfully I had some Lecien spots in my stash that I thought my tone it all down a bit. The bag came together quickly but when I turned it out..I really disliked all the colours together. So I unpicked and re-cut a new handle from some fabric that was in the stash..ahh much better. But the interfacing bubbled on the inside band (maybe my iron was too hot???) and the band seemed to have stretched (I did cut the fabric on the grain but I didn't wash it but I am new to this, so not sure why?). You can't really notice it unless you look closely but I am disappointed all the same :(o

The orginal band (left) and the final band

The finished sling. It looks good from the distance!

I kept the AB fabric on the internal pockets. See what I mean about it glowing in the dark?

I tweaked things ever so slightly. I added a magnetic clasp (so easy, I was really scared about this one) and in one of the large pockets I sewed in a pocket that will fit her mobile phone.


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Jade said...

I think you did a great job on the bag! And those lounge pants look so comfy... just in time for snuggling on the couch in Winter!