Sunday, 22 March 2009

Handmade Fairies

The girls had a Fairy Birthday party to go to yesterday morning. On Saturday night I pulled out their dress-ups only to find that there fairy wings were in a sorry state (you know the ones - stocking stretched over wire. They never seem to stay looking nice in this house for long!) So I raided the stash and thanks to mum I had a little bit of donated fairy fabric, left over from a doona cover she made my little sister about 15 years ago.

So 20 minutes later.... Two bits of interfaced fabric x 2, sewn right sides together, turned out and topstitched ..Wahla...the girls have new fairy wings. I just wrapped a piece of bias binding around the middle and hand stitched it to a plain T-shirt. PERFECT..Although a little handmade looking compared to all the other fairies at the party.


Loz and Dinny said...

What beautiful kids you have!! Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine ... I have a feeling the need for fairy wings may be a phase I am soon to enter!...come to think of it, is it ever a phase you ever depart???

sophie said...

Wow, you are so clever, I never would have thought of that. They looks perfect, and handmade is waaay better than shop bought.

Karen said...

Personally I love handmade looking - so much nicer than mass -produced.
Gorgeous - the fairies, the little elf and the wings!