Sunday, 30 August 2009

Spring Fling Skirt

The kids were invited to a 3rd birthday party on the weekend, by the little girl who lives over the back fence. They have just moved into their house so its nice to get to know some more neighbours.

Having just returned from a week on the beautiful Gold Coast I was feeling pretty unmotivated to sew or do much. But I gathered my strength and dived into my stash. I am loving what I came up with. A double layered twirly skirt, with vintage sheeting on the bottom layer and lovely cupcakes on the top.

We added a treasure pocket (this is what the girls have called them as they are perfect for collecting all sorts of treasures, like shells, sticks and bottle tops!). It came together nicely and I can see myself making some more of these in the near future. I did make the pocket a little on the large size (it was gaping open) but I managed to fix this by adding a button and buttonhole to the pocket. Prefect for Canberra spring weather with a little pair of leggings underneath.


Sarah-Jo said...

love the double layered twirl skirt its super cute!!!

sophie said...

those fabrics look great together, gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

and sooooooo much nicer than a plastic toy. I'm sure your new neighbour will love it (and you'll be making a lot more of these too!)

great use of the sheet! would love to see more sheet with some broiderie anglaise as top layer, the vintage has made me go all whimsical!