Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Increasing My Fabric Stash

I just thought I would share some of my fabric bargains that I have managed to score over the last month. Now its time to start planning some summer sewing.......

$2.50 for vintage cotton plisse at a country Op shop. Its a bit sad that when you go home to see your family..you have to have a good trawl through the local Op shops!

Linens, denim and a spotty drill, along with some buttons and embroidery thread picked up at the YMCA Garage Sale on Saturday

3 clowns also from the YMCA Garage Sale..they were too cute to leave behind

My splurge on fabrics from the US. I highly recommend this shop. Their service is fantastic.

Cottons from my parents local Spotlight..all for $2 a metre.

My spotlight never has anything this good. I just wish I had gotten more!

And some fabric from my local fabric store. They had a sale last month with 25% off quilting cottons for members.


clare's craftroom said...

Aaah nothing like building up your stash . You ended up with some great finds .

Sarah-Jo said...

love the new fabric for the stash! especially the mermaids I so want this for my own stash but alas im on a very very strict fabric ban

I have so much beautiful fabrics sitting around unused (but not unloved haaha)

Karen said...

Oooh nice - very nice!
The vintage cars are ace, the mermaids always lovely and some of my fave Park Slope in there too.
Clowns are definitely too cute not to have come home with you.

Kate said...

Geta finds and bargains!

Mystica said...

please please tell me which spotlight you can get fabric for 2$ a metre. nothing like that in our spotlight!



Andrea said...

I hear you on the local Spotlight Kelly! it's terrible! Love A2F though - I didn't know you could be a member!