Sunday, 9 August 2009

Party Season...

I was only saying to someone last month that the girls didn't seem to have made that many friends at preschool. There were lots of parties happening and no invites for us (they weren't aware but I was hearing other parents talk about this party and that actually made me sad to think that people were struggling to break through the special bond my girls share).

Well that all changed and we have had two preschool parties in the last two weeks. Yay to new friends!

I am really struggling with what to buy 5 year olds. There is so much commercialised stuff out there! So for our new friend S we made this superheroes cape (I used a tutorial that I found online and now I can't remember where I found it..sorry) and teamed it with a canvas to paint, some acrylic paints and paint brushes and for our other friend S I made a little twirly skirt and appliqued t-shirt and teamed it with 4 pretty butterfly clips and a sparkly lip gloss. I probably spent $20-$25 on each child. Not factoring in fabric (as it was all from my stash) or time. So please share your thoughts with me..Is this enough ??(baring in mind that its from two little people). What else can I do for 5 year old pressies??

And here is a sneak peek at some lounge pants I made for my sisters birthday. Vintage sheets and a lovely vintage linen tablecloth used for the cuffs..mmm comfy. I hope she likes them. The jewellery is from Zaruff in Sydney. You can buy it online. I have one of their hand crafted bracelets, made from semi-precious stones and venetian glass beads. Its chunky but I love it. They often have some great sales and you can pick up some of the jewellery at half price!


megan said...

Hi Kelly, It was lovely to see something on your blog - I always enjoy seeing what you have been making. I have 4 children and I always spend about $20-25 for a birthday present. Your gifts are gorgeous. Something handmade is very special and quite rare these days. If I were these chldren's parents I would be thrilled with the thought that has gone into these gifts. As to children's friends - it is always hard if your children don't appear to be getting invited to parties, you feel so sad for them. However, over the years I have come to feel that if my child is fine with it then I should be too and try not to visit my own insecurities on them. Having said that, it is easier said than done! Hope your girls enjoy the parties.

Bek said...

These party gifts are AMAZING! Really generous.

I wish I knew someone who gave my kiddies handmade gifts!

(PS- Caleb had a party today and I had forgotten to get a present, so we gave the bday boy money! A but dodgey, but he loved it! Next time I will be more organised.)

Anonymous said...

your gifts are definately generous enough (not to mention gorgeous!!)

a suggestion that comes to mind is to wrap 2 presents and give one from each of your girls. I'm sure when people come back to parties for your girls they'll downsize gifts a little as $40-50 is alot to outlay - just as it is for you each time.

Have you seen Karen is another mum of twins I think the same age as yours!

Sarah-Jo said...

I agree with the others ...very generous and love the handmade thoughtfulness xxx

on the party/friends front I am so not looking forward to this side of school when my boy starts next year I dont think I can be one of the 'cool" mums and i just hope this doesnt effect my sons friendship base does that make sense???