Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I Heart Tilda

Finally something sew worthy to blog about. Last night I finished the Tilda T-shirt dresses for the girls from Otto 6/2007. I love them. It was such a lovely thick knit to work with and so much easier to sew than the knit I used in my first attempt. I also used a ballpoint stretch needle this time and I think its made a world of difference. It was the first time I have banded a neckline. I was worried about this..but it was so easy. I was too lazy to set up the machine with a twin needle so I just top-stitched around the neckline twice. The girls loved these so much that they had to wear them today to preschool. Fingers crossed that they don't come home covered in paint.


sophie said...

wow, I heart Tilda too, so lovely! Beautifully made.

Karen said...

These look great - the knit is lovely - where did you find it??
I struggle to find good thick knit fabric in colours I like.
Hope they used a smock today, even if it covers up their lovely Tilda's!

Kelly said...

Karen the material is just from spotlight. I will keep my eyes peeled next time I am in there and will pick you some up if there is any left. It was just on the specials table. I think I paid $6 for a metre. Although my spotlight is a little hit and miss lately!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know that I have started registrations for my swap - and the polka dot idea won hands down. Go to my blog to check it out!

Sarah-Jo said...

oh wow these look so comfy and stylish!
the binding looks very professional well done I always have trouble with my knit binding and I have no patience for it hahaa

Anonymous said...

great job on the dresses Karen! especially the binding!

hope you're feeling better, there's just sooo much going around.

looking forward to seeing your sideboard :)