Monday, 25 May 2009

Do you ever have Groundhog Days??

I feel like I am having Groundhog Days..over and over, with my washing. Its endless and every day feels the same - washing, folding, putting away and its time to do it all over again...Agghh!! My wish is to have someone come in and do all the washing, folding and putting away. Lets hope we win the lottery soon!!

So no sewing. Everyone has been sick with a nasty cold. We are starting to feel a little better so fingers crossed that I can be a bit more productive this week.

I have had some lucky finds at the op shop over the last two weeks. So I thought I would share

Nearly 2m of lovely polished cotton, a new book that I am really enjoying, lots of buttons for the stash and a little pinafore pattern that is a size one that I am going to have a go at grading up for the girls

This wonderful book. Its is so detailed and so helpful and it was only $2 from the Slavos

And the best find of all - an antique cabinet for the hallway. Sorry about the crappy photo. It needs restoring, locks replaced but in the meantime it is great to have some more sturdy storage


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

I know too well! Some times I wish they only had one set of clothes and I could just wash and dry and done! Great op shop finds! Really like the cabinet! xox

Bek said...

I wish all housework would stay done for longer! There never seem to be enough laundry baskets to stow away all our washing. Thanks for your comment on my blog- I am all better migraine wise thankyou! And you should have a go at making some clothing for yourself- your sewing skills are much better than mine- if I can do it, you can for sure!!

Hope your cold has gone away!

kellyi said...

Off topic:

Mitchell has been working on a little letter to send out about his camping trip. Thought I would check first to see if it is OK to send out.