Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair

I left the little people behind for the weekend (with their Dad) and headed off to Sydney. Such perfect timing and planning on my behalf...The Sydney Craft and Quilt Show was on...Yay! So Mum and I hit the fair. There was so much to look at and so many people...

I picked up a cute Big Owl Pattern from Hot Possum and a gorgeous Flower Brooch Kit from the girls at Prints Charming. I really liked the scarf kits they had put together but by the time I decided I wanted one they had sold out! So I had to suffice with some covered button instead. I had planned to buy some fabric but nothing really jumped out and grabbed me. Although their was lots of beautiful liberty and Japanese fabrics but I think I had better use some of my stash first.

I really loved these gorgeous knitted dolls by Annie at
ak traditions. I so wish I could knit....
I also like what Jane at
Be Be Bold had done with the oliver + s patterns. She had made up most of the patterns in beautiful Japanese fabrics...Oh my. I had to hold on tight to my credit card. I didn't spend too much time looking at the quilts but what I saw was pretty spectacular.

On Sunday my sister and I headed out to the Bondi Markets. Lots of interesting goodies. I got this handful of lovely large vintage buttons.

On the sewing front I finished a little vintage vest for the little man. It was a kwik sew pattern that I found at the op shop some time ago. The only problem was that the size 2 was way too small in I added an extra 2 inches on and top stitched it for detail. You can barely tell. I struggled with attaching the ribbing to the v neck. The instructions weren't really specific. It took several un pickings before I finally realised what I was doing wrong. (Some times I think my brain is mushy after 3 kids). It looks so cute on. I will definitely be making more. I just need to find some better sources for knit material.Spotlight and Lincraft are pretty hit and miss and the last two knits I have bought from Spotlight have had small holes in them! Has anyone got any ideas where I can buy quality knit from?


Sarah-Jo said...

Hey Kelly, glad you enjoyed the fair I was there briefly on sunday morning and was so overwhelmed by it all
I too loved the be be bold stand and was so tempted to buy some Oliver + S patterns, kicking myself I didnt now of course

redmag said...

That vest is adorable....sadly no suggestions for where to get better knits in Canberra - if you do find somewhere I'd love to know!

Little Munchkins said...

The vest looks great! I can sometimes find ok quality knits are Spotlight or Lincraft but you really have to look out for it.