Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Take 2 on the Overalls

Well I re-visited the overall pattern and with a few modifications...came out with this! They look super cute on the little man. The only thing I didn't do was make them long enough. So with the cuff rolled up they are a wee bit short. Next time I will get it right. Archie has a little friend that is turning one this week so I think I will have at a go at a pair for him... The material on the cuff, lining and pockets is an off cut from Granner's stash. She sent it down with the view to me using it for the girls but it was a lovely wool and it was screaming out to be used for Archie. I was going to save it and use it next winter for a cute pair of pants but when I opened it up I found that it had moth holes. Thankfully there is enough left for another pair of overalls.

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