Thursday, 28 August 2008

Party Dresses

Just excuse the scruffy hair and daggy tracksuits. We were not long home from a busy morning at playgroup
Last year the girls really wanted me to make them a party dress to wear for their birthday. Master A was only a month old so the sewing machine was on an extended holiday. This year when they asked again I was determined to make them something special. We seem to start a 4 month roll of birthday parties and special occasions, including Great Nanna Shirley's 80th next month. So the girls picked their fabric and when I got my first Ottobre Magazine I immediately found their party dress - the Jigsaw Pinnafore. They were incredibly easy to sew together, only a couple of hours and that was for 2 dresses. The cutting out took a little longer but only because I had to really think about what colours were going where!!! but I am delighted with them. They look so cute. I did have to take them in 3.5cm on either side. They were really wide. So I am not sure if this is standard with all Ottobre patterns or just this one?? I just need to find a white or cream long sleeved top to go under them as its still a bit chilly down here. This may prove challenging given that all the shops now have their summer stock out.


Me said...

Oh these are just too sweet! Nice job...what gorgeous party girls they will be!

iRiS said...

awww this ottobre patchwork dress looks so sweet on your lil misses :)

Great job!