Sunday, 18 May 2008

Some Sewing...

Wow I have become really slack with posting on this blog! I must try a bit harder. There hasn't been much time to craft in this house since the girls have returned to school. I was trying to do something every day but that seems to have flown out the window. I thought that having two mornings a week to myself would allow a bit more time to sew..but I am actually busier now than if the girls were at home.

Some flannelette wraps and adorable reversible cloth booties for little Charli who entered this world on the 21st April.
They are made from old kimono material, with a soft pink baby cord for the sole and lined with a retro print cotton voile.

Amy Butler Lounge pants for Mum - Happy Mothers Day Mum. For the trim I stitched on a contrasting cross grain ribbon and I elasticised the waist rather than put in a draw string. Mum was happy with the fit. I think I would prefer the waist to sit a little lower on my hips so I will have to work on the pattern.

We had a visit from Nanny last week and she was busy on the machine. She finished these jackets for the girls from this pattern

I have had the pattern for close to 2 years but we struggled to find some quilted cotton. I searched online and we asked at various fabric stores but no one knew what we were talking about. Then someone donated some to the fabric stash which was perfect. Nan made the bias binding and just lined the sleeves so that they can be turned back. Cute and very warm for the chilly Canberra weather we are having at the moment.

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