Monday, 7 April 2008

Vintage Smocks

I tried out a vintage smock pattern that I found with some patterns that came from Nan last year. I am really happy with how they turned out. It was my first time applying bias binding and I found it a bit fiddly on the first smock. I think I will make my own binding next time. These smocks are great for an extra layer of warmth for the girls when they go to school, its been chilly the last two weeks. We also made our little friend Amy one for her birthday. I love the fabric - it's the blue and red floral. I was so tempted to keep it but luckily there is enough left over to do one more for one of the girls.

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Bec said...

Oh these smocks are gorgeous!! And you did a great job on the bias binding! I have been wanting to try the little smock pattern from the Bend the Rules Sewing book (isn't it great, it's my fav sewing book by far) - but too many other projects keep getting in the way. One day I will get to it :P
Cheers, Bec