Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy NYE..bye bye 2008

I am back and need to backtrack a bit as I completely ran out of time to post my handmade Christmas gifts. I haven't been well and decided to take a little break and just enjoy some time with the family.

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope your day was special. Ours was - family, too much food and lots of excitement!. It was the first year that the girls actually understood what Christmas was about and it was such a joy to watch the excitement on their faces when opening their pressies.

Amy Butler Birdie Sling. This is my first ever bag and I was extremely happy with the finished result. It was so easy! I will be making this up for me next, with a few slight changes!

Lining of my Amy Butler Sling - I just used a plain drill

Cupcake and Icy pole dresses for the girls. You can't half tell that I love this pattern?

Short longs for the little one - orange stripes and vintage smurfs

I saw these tote-able towels over at And so, I sew and I knew they would be prefect for my girls and also my cousins. I made a few changes as I found it really hard to sandwich the towel between two pieces of material. (I think I was running out of patience and energy - thank god for Mum's help). So I just sewed a rectangle of material onto the top side of the towel, with a hem turned under on all 4 sides. Before sewing all they way round I pinned in the shoulder strap and a small strap. Too easy! Thanks for the inspiration Karen.

Vintage boxers for my cousin

A reindeer Christmas shirt for the little one

Phew.....all done. And on that note Happy New Year. My new years resolution is to be a more consistent blogger. I am enjoying blogging and the inspiration from other amazing crafters is fantastic. So THANK YOU

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Karen said...

You've been busy Kelly!
Glad the towels inspired you to have a go too, the bit you mentioned is a little trying! My gift recipients are loving theirs, a big hit.
Love the bag - I am going to have a go at a 'grown-up' bag this year - not a kiddies one.