Sunday, 14 September 2008

Spring time Pants

I finally finished these pants during the week. They are perfect for our spring time weather. I used a CREAM Japanese linen and the girls picked a favourite material for the cuffs. The linen is gorgeous but just not very practical for climbing tress and playing in the dirt!! But I love them. Simple, quick and we had a lot of comments from our playgroup friends when we wore them on Thursday.


iRiS said...

aww your girls always look so happy together the perfect pair!

the pants are super cute too love the japanese cotton

Karen said...

Happy birthday to your girls - I can't imagine my two being four - but the time is flying by!
THe kimono tops are gorgeous and I love the hobby horses, unfortunately I bought them one for their second birthday.

Kate said...

Love the pants and Happy Birthday to them!

Me said...

I just love these pants...they are so sweet on your girls.