Sunday, 14 September 2008

Birthday Sewing...

The girls turned 4 today so I have been busy with some birthday sewing.

Hobby horses which have been named Peoples & Billy. I used this pattern here with just a few slight variations as my hand sewing is terrible. As a result everything was done on the machine. The horses were a big hit with the girls.

And birthday Kimonos from the habitual pattern once again but I made the binding wider, lengthened the sleeves and shortened the width on the front panels as the girls are quiet small across the chest. I am really happy with how they turned out.


iRiS said...

oh Kelly the hobby horses are brillant!!!
much better than the old dirty broom my son gallops around the yard with!!!

Brillant idea will look out for that pattern

Me said...

ooh I missed this...happy big 4 girls! Wow what a busy time Mama must have had over the last four years hey? I just love that last photo, it's gorgeous!