Monday, 24 November 2008


It feels like ages since my last post (I feel like I am becoming a crafting fraud). This working gig is hard going. I was originally only meant to work two weekends a month but there is a real shortage of staff so its been every weekend and this will continue until Christmas (can't complain too much as the money is good). I just hope I can get through my Christmas list. I have been doing lots of cutting out (this is my least favourite thing) with the hope that I will get through things faster, if they are all ready to go.

I have managed a few little things between work, sick kids with gastro and a missing daddy for a few days!!!

Cupcake bloomers for a little girl in the US to wear next summer (modelled by the little man as I was a bit worried they were too small. Just don't tell Dad!)

A Ladybug and Butterfly shift for a little girls 4th Birthday - she is mad about creepie crawlies!

A taggy giraffe that I am working on. I have re done him and made him a bit more boxy (he was too difficult to turn). I think he will make a nice pressie for all the bubs that have been born lately.


Sarah-Jo said...

awww love your latest creations the cupcake bloomers look so cute!

work! argh Im heading back two days a week next yr and am half looking forward to it but I know it will make crafting and time management very very hard

but the $ will be nice :)

Bek said...

Hey there,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love these creations. That dress is really sweet. My 4 year old (boy) has a thing for bugs as well. I think he wants a pet as he names them (usually "Merv") and tries to make them homes.

And I am loving the bloomers. I haven't made any yet, but I'd love to give it a try. My Madame 20 months is a bit of a flasher...

Karen said...

Those bloomers are too cute Kelly.
I also hate cutting - hate tracing patterns more though! I do them in bunches so it makes you feel like you get more done.